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May 6, 2014 - Here you can finally watch a little solo from me (with a few crazy melodies and effects underneath)! 


January 6, 2014 - proudly announcing new projects: Firstly, I´ll write and record three songs with a guitarist/bassist. Secondly, I´ll write and record one song with another guitarist and thirdly, I will hopefully do the drumprogramming and eventually recording of a metal and heavy interpretation of a popsong with a whole bunch of different musicians. stay tuned! :)


November 17, 2013 - finally had time to do the metallica´s unforgiven drumcover. And here it is! Enjoy


September 29, 2013 - recorded a new drumcover. you can watch a preshoot of Metallica´s The Unforgiven below. Final version coming soon!



September 14, 2013 - Because of the fact that I´am an engineer-to-be and obviously interested in drums, I started my internship at the german factory of SONOR today. let´s see what I can do there....:)


September 11, 2013 - It´s finally ready! The Charade of Serj Tankian! You can download the full drumset transcription here


September 2, 2013 - recorded a new drumcover: serj tankian - the charade. watch a preshoot here. final version coming soon!



August 12, 2013 - got something new: have fun with my little improvised drum jam on Pink Floyd´s Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)



June 9, 2013 - it´s finally out! enjoy watching my cover of "killing in the name" by rage against the machine!



May 16, 2013 - just recorded a new cover, killing in the name of by rage against the machine...will be ready for upload soon :)


March 9, 2013 - new video up, this time it´s a cover of Korn feat. Skrillex  - Get Up


August 20, 2012 - watch my interpretation of Porn Star Dancing  - My Darkest Days

August 4, 2012 - just uploaded a video of me playing a song of my former band "Ili", go check it out

April 16, 2012 - finally my first interpretation is online. New Moon Rising by Wolfmother



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